Ancient History of Nepal: Mahispal Dynasty

Last Updated on April 23rd, 2022

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Avir/Mahispal Dynasty ( महिस्पाल राजवंश ) is the second dynasty who ruled over Nepal. The word Mahispal is derived of Sanskrit word Mahishapala, which means “buffalo-protector”.

Mahispal dynasty ruled about 111 years after Gopal Dynasty. Bir Singh defeated the Jit gupta (last king of Gopal Dynasty) and became the first king by established Mahispal Dynasty in Nepal.

It is also believed that last king of Gopal Dynasty Jeet Gupta was childless, so after his rule, his relatives Bir Singh became the king of Nepal.

The capital city during this dynasty was Matatirtha.At this period, agriculture and animal husbandry were major occupation of people.

Bir Singh, Jay Singh, and Bhuwan Singh were three king of Mahispal Dynasty. The chief of Kirats, Yalamber defeated Bhuwan Singh and established Kirats Dynasty in Nepal.

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