Ancient History of Nepal: Gopal Dynasty

Last Updated on April 23rd, 2022

Gopal Dynasty ( गोपाल वंश ) was the first dynasty that ruled over the Kathmandu valley. They were cow herders and descendants of Shree Krishna. In the present places like Kirtipur, Pharping, Khopring, Thankot, Balambu, Tistung, and Palung, there was a dense settlement of Gopals at that time.

After the beginning of human settlement in the Kathmandu Valley, the Gopals established their kingdom and began to rule.

It is believed that “Ne” Muni, who lives in the Teku gorge of the valley, made Bhuktaman (Bhumi Gupta) king of the Gopal dynasty. It is said that ‘Nepal’ was named after that sage name.

The first king of the Gopal dynasty is Bhumi Gupta and the last king is Vishnu Gupta.

During Gopal Dynasty, a cow named Bahuri always offered milk on the banks of the Bagmati river. While digging in the same place they found Pashupatinath’s Jyotirlinga.

Matatirtha, southwest of Kathmandu valley was their capital.

Before the Gopal Dynasty, all dynasties were based on mythology. It lasted for 521 years with eight known rulers :

  • Bhumi Gupta (Bhuktaman)
  • Jaya Gupta
  • Dharma Gupta
  • Harsa Gupta
  • Bhim Gupta
  • Madi Gupta
  • Bishnu Gupta
  • Jeet Gupta

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