White Gumba (Seto Gumba) in Kathmandu

Last Updated on May 19th, 2022

White Gumba (Seto Gumba), located in Ramkot-8 Danda village of Kathmandu, is a popular tourist site in Kathmandu Nepal. It is a Buddhist monastery rich in Tibetan art, architecture, and Buddhist culture.

It is situated at the top of the Druk Amitabh Mountain so it is also known as Druk Amitabh Monastery. The garden of this monastery has been built on the concept of Sukhavati Bhuvan, the most well-known of Buddhist pure lands.

Statues of Buddha Amitabh of Sukhawati Bhuvan and statues of  Tsangpa Gyare Yeshe Dorje, the guru of Drak tradition are located at the top of the monastery.

Things to do at White Gumba

Explore the Panoramic View

This hill station offers incredible panoramic views of Kathmandu valley and the mountain range in the northeast.

Hiking on the white gumba trail

You can explore beautiful gardens, lush green hills, and the mountain ranges while trekking.

Yoga and meditation

The white gumba is a perfect place to do yoga and meditation practice. It is silent here while the rest of the world is so busy!

Sunrise and Sunset viewpoint

It is an exciting experience to watch the sunset from Seto gumba.

How to reach White Gumba?

On a Public Vehicle

You can’t get a local microbus to get there. however, you can be reached by walking for an hour and a half from Swayambhu or Sitapaila.

On a Taxi/Reserved Vehicle

Either you have to go on your own bike, car or taxi. A lot of taxis will available at Swayambu or Sitapaila.

White Gumba ticket prices

The entry ticket for all visitors is NRs 50 per person. If you take your own vehicle there the parking costs are extra and you have to pay an extra Rs.10 per vehicle.

White Gumba opening days 2022

The Druk Amitabh Mountain (White Gumba) in Danda village is open to the public every Sunday to enter the Gumba premises.

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